Four wheel drive car, truck, and SUV owners know that a transfer case is the device that splits the power between the front and rear axles. The transfer case in an all-wheel-drive system contains a device that allows for a speed difference between the front and rear wheels.

The transfer case on a part-time four-wheel-drive system locks the front-axle driveshaft to the rear-axle driveshaft, so the wheels are forced to spin at the same speed. Some transfer cases, more commonly those in part-time systems, also contain an additional set of gears that give the vehicle a low range. This extra gear ratio gives the vehicle extra torque and a super-slow output speed.

Eventually all transfer cases and their related components wear out, and that is when you need to come to Kermit's Transmissions. Our years of experience and vast resources of parts permits us to get you back on the road to more adventures. Stop in and see us soon.

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